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The election process of Odisha Rajya Talgur Samabaya Sangha Ltd, Bhubaneswar is going on. The election of the members of Board of Management of the Sangha is scheduled to be held on 12.7.2015. The date for filling of nominations for 21 constituencies is fixed to 23.6.2015. The interested candidtes are requested to see details at the notice Board of the Sangha in office hours. For further details they may contact the Election Officer/ Managing Director of the Sangha.

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Wherever one goes in Odisha, one can find almost the entire range of arts and crafts in the market places of the main towns and cities. Co-operative societies have played an important role in preserving the rich craft heritage of the State by ensuring easy access to customers and thus sustaining a continuous demand for products. But perhaps the secret of Odisha's crafts lies in their fascinating combination of beauty and utility-a tribute to the vision of the craftsmen. Instead of being merely decorative reminders of another age, the crafts of Odisha are gloriously alive-suited to modern tastes and yet retaining all the essential traditional links with a checkered past.

Palm leaf was considered so sacred that even after printing presses began operating in Odisha, important texts continued to be printed on the leaves instead of paper. The printing of New Year cards and wedding invitations on palm leaf is still popular in Odisha.

Palm leaf craft of Odisha has a long traditional history and the women of rural area are in habit of using palm leaves for production of household articles. Palm leaves have been considered as sacred container for offering Prasad in temples and other places of worships. After thousands of year, even today the Prasad of world famous Lord Jagannath temple at Puri is being distributed to the devotees in palm leaf containers.

Odisha State Palmgur Cooperative Federation is an apex Cooperative Organisation established by Govt. of Odisha (India) having its registered office at - Udyogapuri, Po. Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar-751030. This Organisation has been providing various support and services in the field of production, quality control and marketing to the rural women artisans belonging to backward and weaker sections of the society for more than 45 years. The rural women seating in their own houses have been able to earn their livelihood by engaging themselves in producing environment friendly, bio-degradable palm leaf decorative, utility and fancy products by utilizing the natural resources (green and tender leaves of palm trees). These palm leaf articles have wide range of applications beginning from fruit containers to bedside boxes, laundry boxes and showpieces for decorative purpose etc. Our Organisation has been consistently assisting poor rural women for strengthening their economy condition and social empowerment. Besides, by our sincere endeavor the tribal community who were using the palm juice, as "Toddy" have been successfully motivated and now they are all engaged in economy activities such as production of palm jaggery, palm candy and other products. The Organisation has been also constantly providing technological support in the field of processing of palm juice, utilizing different parts of palm trees for house hold utility items as a result a large number of employment generation has been made possible. The growing demand of palm leaf and other allied palm products in the international market has created further scope of creating additional employment for strengthening the economy of rural India.

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Palm leaf fancy items   Palm leaf Utility items

The artistic and beautiful fancy palm leaf articles have the natural choice of the people. The demand of the products are being made through the trade fairs, exhibitions and show room.   Palm leaf utility articles are light in weight, eco-friendly and biodegradable. In developed countries plastic utility items are being substituted by palm leaf articles.
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